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Martin, Micheál

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Leaders' Questions

One of the areas that has escaped any significant attention in the fallout from the budget has been the very savage and targeted approach to colleges of further education in terms of an attack on t...More Button

If the Taoiseach cared to listen he would know that with a very high unemployment level among young people of 30%, this cut makes absolutely no sense. It targets second-chance education and thos...More Button

I know the Fine Gael Party will always protect the wealthy. However, fundamentally what is the purpose of the Labour Party in government-----More Button

-----if it can stand over a cut to a sector-----More Button

-----that does the most for those who lost out through mainstream education and who want a second chance? We built up this sector over the past 15 years-----More Button

-----in terms of grants for colleges and for students.More Button

While the Minister, Deputy Howlin, might smile, it is not a laughing matter.More Button

It is not a laughing matter for the students-----More Button

-----who are watching this morning. The most the Minister, Deputy Howlin, can think about is having a good guffaw over the plight in which they find themselves.More Button

It is typical of how out of touch Ministers have become since going into government.More Button

I ask the Taoiseach to outline to the House whether an impact assessment was carried out on the effect of the increase in the pupil-teacher ratio on these colleges and the cuts affecting these stud...More Button

The Taoiseach did not answer the question. The answer is not "Yes". The Taoiseach has just told us that the Minister did not carry out an impact assessment before making the cut. The Taoiseach h...More Button

This sector has been the most innovative of all in responding to the crisis. Likewise Coláiste Stiofáin Naofa in Cork and the City of Cork VEC have already said they will lose up to 50 teachers as...More Button

Despite what the Taoiseach has said, it is not disgraceful that I have highlighted this issue this morning and pointed out that the Labour Party, which should be protecting the less well-off and th...More Button

-----should be doing something or standing up for something. That is quite a legitimate point for me to make.More Button

However, it is not legitimate for Deputies to be laughing and guffawing about a very serious cut affecting students which will make a difference to their capacity-----More Button

-----to get to work and to progress in education. We have numerous examples of students down through the years who may not have come through mainstream effectively or gone to third level, but thes...More Button

-----focused on jobs and giving people skills and the capacity to gain jobs in a range of areas and have been very effective and successful.More Button

It is another unfair targeting of a sector of society that should be helped in accordance with the commitments in the programme for Government and not targeted in a very savage way as the Governmen...More Button

That is such a con job - such a dishonest proposition. The Government does that - it devolves cutting.More Button

It is a different sectorMore Button

The Taoiseach does not understand the sector.More Button

Leaders' Questions (Continued)

The Taoiseach does not understand the sector.More Button

The Taoiseach does not answer the questions he is asked.More Button

Courses will be lost over this.More Button

That kind of response is what is driving people mad. It is driving people over the edge.More Button

Am I hearing something?More Button

It is definitely getting close to Christmas if a former Government is praised.More Button

Order of Business (Continued)

It is not agreed. I have to say that the guillotining of this measure is particularly inappropriate. Given what was announced this morning concerning the Bank of Ireland's increase in credit card...More Button

In the Personal Insolvency Bill, the Taoiseach is continuing to give banks a veto on household debt resolution. We think that is a fundamentally flawed position to adopt. Given how the banks ha...More Button

An independent office that could arbitrate between customers and banks, and whose findings would be binding on banks, would be a far more effective route to take. For those reasons we are opposi...More Button

The Taoiseach could have fooled me.More Button

With regard to the personal insolvency legislation, will the Taoiseach outline the timetable for the commencement of regulations? The Government has promised it will commence the Bill as quickly a...More Button

Will the Taoiseach give me a report?More Button

It is a Supreme Court decision.More Button

No.More Button

The Taoiseach blamed the Attorney General first.More Button

European Council Brussels: Statements (Continued)

No matter how the Taoiseach talks up the outcome of last week's summit, it is a fact that no significant step forward was actually delivered. At the end of a fourth year of economic crisis, the le...More Button

This summit did not deliver a banking union. It merely agreed to joint supervision of less than 2% of eurozone banks and kicked other vital reforms down the road. It did not deliver measures to...More Button

With regard to Ireland’s contribution, yet again no attempt was made to speak up on behalf of vital reforms, and the policy remains one of hoping that something turn will up. This remains one of...More Button

I remain the only party leader in this House to set out in detail specific proposals capable of addressing the worst flaws in the euro and allowing the EU to take the lead in helping countries su...More Button

I am sorry that it is becoming increasingly clear that this Government has not developed, and is not interested in developing, a real strategy on Europe. Everything it does appears to be based o...More Button

A budget has been pushed through the Dáil which has rightly been condemned by most of the public and some Government backbenchers because of its entirely avoidable targeting of the most vulnerabl...More Button

The mortgage and household debt crisis has been allowed to keep growing with no credible response. Investment plans have been published which actually cut investment, with all proposals for fund...More Button

I was not. There was a Supplementary Estimate of €1 billion-----More Button

-----that was rushed through the Dáil without debate.More Button

I am entirely correct.More Button

All that is left is the hope that Europe will again turn up with something which will make up for the failures in budget planning.More Button

As I have said previously, I believe there will be a deal in respect of the promissory note. The justice of the Irish case demands an outcome which would lengthen the term and reduce the rate to...More Button

Any deal which replicates the handling of the repayment made in January this year would be deeply unfair and cause serious economic damage. While the Tánaiste and the Minister for Communications...More Button

No technical papers have been provided and no details supplied. All we can be sure of, no matter what happens, is that the claims of Ministers cannot be taken at face value.More Button

Since the rotating Presidency of the Council was created 40 years ago, it has been an absolute principle that the holder does not promote its unique national concerns. This Presidency will be si...More Button

What is unhelpful, however, is when members of the Government seek to grandstand at home in an attempt to impress people with sabre-rattling about using the Presidency to secure Ireland's goal. ...More Button

The summit deal in regard to the issue of banking union is a cause for major concern. Banking union has always encompassed three fundamental elements, namely, a single supervisory mechanism, a c...More Button

The resolution and deposit guarantee issues have been kicked down the road as a result of this summit and there is no sign whatsoever of a growing consensus. As one commentator pointed out on Su...More Button

If it were not for the President of the European Central Bank, Mr. Mario Draghi, there is no doubt that 2012 would have turned out to be the most destructive year in the Union's history. He dese...More Button

This is not the leadership the people of Europe deserve. This is a clear betrayal - I recognise this is a strong description - of the spirit which built the EU and earned it the right to receive...More Button

In regard to the foreign affairs agenda, I asked in advance of the summit last week that the Taoiseach raise the issue of the Israeli settlement policy as recently articulated, which has seen a m...More Button

In conclusion, this was a complacent summit which may prove in time to have caused considerable long-term damage to the prospects of the Union.More Button

It is true.More Button

On the single supervisory mechanism, would the Tánaiste accept it is a major disappointment that 98% of banks were, in essence, excluded? Does he accept the other key elements of the banking union...More Button

Could the Tánaiste confirm that he has not attended any meetings with the ECB on the renegotiation of the promissory note? Does he accept the basic principle that a host country does not use the...More Button

That is the point.More Button

That is only when they get into trouble. That is the point.More Button

They are only covered if they get into trouble.More Button

Does the Tánaiste accept the Council has no jurisdiction over the ECB?More Button

Does the Tánaiste accept the point?More Button

Does the Tánaiste accept that the Council has no jurisdiction over the ECB?More Button

I just want an answer.More Button

It did not deal with it. The Tánaiste is playing politics.More Button

I asked a simple question. Does the Council have jurisdiction over the ECB? Can the Tánaiste answer "Yes" or "No"?More Button

I only want a "Yes" or "No" answer.More Button

I only want a "Yes" or "No" answer. The Tánaiste is filibustering.More Button

I asked a question but the Tánaiste did not answer it.More Button

Will you answer the question - "Yes" or "No"?More Button

If only the Tánaiste would answer what I asked, namely, whether the European Council has any jurisdiction-----More Button

I certainly do.More Button

The Presidency does not do that.More Button

The Tánaiste is over-stating it and grandstanding for political reasons.More Button

No, that is unfair. He is making a very unfair charge. I am not making that point.More Button

Is the Tánaiste being serious? That is an outrageous statement. I never said that. The Tánaiste should not be dishonest in the House.More Button

Why is the Tánaiste being so dishonest in the House? I did not say that. He did not hear my speech.More Button

He is being dishonest. I did not say that. He is doing his usual Labour's way, Frankfurt's way, overstating everything. I am asking him not to overstate things and grandstand. People have had e...More Button

It is a bit like child benefit. People have had enough. The Government says it will not do this and will do that but people do not believe it.More Button

Health Insurance Prices

Asked the Minister for Health: his plans to reduce the price of private healthcare; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Proposed Legislation

Asked the Minister for Health: if he has read the pastoral letter The Right to Life that was read at all Catholic masses on 9 December 2012 that states the State is not obliged to legislate for abortion; and if he will make a st...More Button