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Booth, Lionel

Thursday, 29 September 1966

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 224 Nbr. 3

Committee on Finance. - Vote 27—Local Government (Resumed).

I should like to comment briefly on a few matters which the Minister dealt with in introducing his Estimate. The first matter is in relation to the Minister's reference to the special problems ari...More Button

My next point is the provision of meals on wheels. Voluntary organisations, with the help of local authorities, are providing a certain number of meals every week for those who find difficulty in ...More Button

The Minister referred to the problem of itinerants. I was delighted he made such a friendly reference to the work of local voluntary groups. One of the main advantages is that such groups can inf...More Button

The Minister referred to the thorny question of the testing of road vehicles. In this matter I have, of course, a very personal interest. I have carried out some inquiries with regard to procedur...More Button

The only thing that can be done is to have compulsory vehicle testing. It is something that cannot be put off any longer. Far too many vehicles, both commercial and privately-owned, are on the ro...More Button

Another aspect is the driving test. Some people feel that these tests are too severe. I do not agree for a moment: these tests could not be too severe. The whole purpose of driving tests is not t...More Button

The Minister referred also to the new road taxation system whereby road vehicles may be taxed for a period of 12 months from any month in the year. This is a tremendous step forward. Even though th...More Button

In that connection there is another point which needs attention still, that is, the question of the basis of road tax being what is known as the “RAC horsepower rating.” This is entirely unrealist...More Button

Road safety is something in which we are all deeply involved but I do not believe for a moment that driving tests or speed limits are the answer. They may help to increase road safety but they cer...More Button

The second cause, which is equally important, is lack of consideration for other road users. Very many accidents are caused by sheer bad manners and impatience. People will not wait; they are alw...More Button

I feel that we need even more Garda patrols but we cannot have the Garda everywhere. The only way in which we can help ourselves and help each other is by drivers being prepared to report cases of...More Button

The Minister has referred to the efforts of local authorities in the elimination of black spots on the roads because accidents are liable to be caused there. I do not believe that is the answer at...More Button

We must deal with our road systems in the same way as we deal with our rivers. We must deal with our roads from one road system right to another. The fact that many of our arterial roads go throug...More Button

We have much to learn from the practice in Northern Ireland in this connection. They have developed some very good through roads, such as the new road from Belfast to Derry, the road from Belfast ...More Button

Belfast is very much ahead of us in the introduction of clearways. I am sure the Minister and his advisers have some experience of Belfast. If they have not, I hope they will because the Belfast ...More Button

Reference has been made to the whole question of re-planning. So far as the city of Dublin is concerned, the situation is certainly critical. We are faced with the development of certain sites o...More Button

We will have to face up to the complete demolition of fairly large areas in the centre of the city and complete replacement on a modern basis. This will mean replacement of our whole traffic syste...More Button

As I have said in previous years, we must have at least one tunnel, if not two, under the city to enable traffic to move from north to south across the river. The present bridges are completely in...More Button

I am not blaming the Deputy. The fact remains it is not the sort of entry to the city which anyone would regard as ideal.More Button

As far as entry on the Naas Road is concerned, there is a nice bit of double track road leading to Inchicore and then the road system degenerates into complete chaos. There is a curious and a very...More Button

We have a lot to learn from Belfast in that connection. In Belfast they are well ahead of us in what they have achieved and what they are planning for the future. They are planning for an elevate...More Button

To come down to a question of comparative detail, the Minister made regulations about the use of headlights in speed restricted areas. Under these regulations a driver is not allowed at any time t...More Button

I hope, therefore, the Minister will review this question of the use of headlights and possibly amend the regulations so that the use of headlights in speed restricted areas will not be restricted,...More Button

I sympathise with the Minister in his reference to difficulty in dealing with planning appeals. I think this is getting out of hand. I have a horrible suspicion that many local authorities turn d...More Button

There is one last matter I should like to raise with the Minister and this is the question of housing in my own area of Dún Laoghaire. There is an illusion which is shared by many people th...More Button

I have always got the impression that various Ministers for Local Government and Department officials have grossly under-estimated the need for housing in our area. Any one of us would be only too...More Button

I should like to add my words of encouragement to the Minister in all the work he is doing and to offer him my best wishes for success in the coming year.More Button