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Howlin, Brendan

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Leaders' Questions (Continued)

The Minister for Finance's policies on the budget and the economy are not common sense. He has argued that it is common sense for Ireland to not spend as much money as is available to us and is pe...More Button

The economy is back on its feet and is growing again. That is how we overcame the crises in the 1990s. This State, as the Tánaiste has heard from many Members previously, has pressing social ne...More Button

Every day I can identify the social needs that need to be met. Inaction in addressing these issues is not defensible. The State is not like a household or company in terms of saving money. A pri...More Button

The Labour Party's hands were obviously tied in government by the scale of the national debt and the size of the deficit we faced in 2011. Following that painful period, the economy has grown ra...More Button

If the €500 million rainy day fund is to be created rather than investing in all the social needs I and others have outlined, where will it go? Where will the rainy day fund be put?More Button

Where is the rainy day fund being put?More Button

I asked about the rainy day fund.More Button

The country has put money aside. Under the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund, there is €20 billion of directed and undirected funds available to the Minister for Finance. My question is directly ...More Button

The Minister for Finance has indicated that the forthcoming budget will involve the State borrowing to run a deficit of 0.1% of GDP. That is what he told the House last week. This will amount to ...More Button

I am asking for the Government's logic.More Button

The logic of that is that the Government should not borrow the money and instead have a balanced budget. More Button

Has the Deputy heard of the economic crash?More Button

The Deputy should have gone into Government.More Button

It sounds like a general election.More Button

Order of Business (Continued)

It was raised last week and I asked that it be prioritised over some of the Bills that are being taken this week.More Button

I published the Public Sector Standards Bill in this House in May 2015. It passed Second Stage in January 2016. The Bill provides for the establishment of the office of public sector standards co...More Button

After one and a half years.More Button

Are we on to climate change now?More Button