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Howlin, Brendan

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Ministerial Responsibilities (Continued)

To be sure to be sure.More Button

Cabinet Confidentiality

We could be court-martialled yet.More Button

Cabinet Confidentiality (Continued)

What about in Northern Ireland?More Button

Finance (Local Property Tax) Bill 2012: Financial Resolution

I move:More Button

EU Presidency Expenditure

Was asked: if he has responded to the offer from an airline (details supplied) dated 20 September 2012, to offer an opportunity for the Irish EU Presidency to reduce the cost of the travel for politicians and...More Button

Proposed Legislation

Was asked: the organisations, bodies or persons with whom he has consulted with in relation to the Construction Contracts Bill 2010; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

The Programme for Government contains a commitment to introduce new legislation to protect small building subcontractors that have been denied payments from bigger companies. In this regard, my col...More Button

Ethics in Public Office Recommendations

Was asked: the progress that has been made in relation to the implementation of recommendations arising from the Moriarty Tribunal; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

The Moriarty Tribunal made two recommendations for changes to company law, as follows:More Button

- That a provision similar to section 172 of the UK Companies Act, 2006 be adopted, together with the adoption of additional implementation or enforcement measures;More Button

- That consideration be given by the Oireachtas, and/or by the Company Law Review Group, to enacting provisions similar to those contained in Part 14 of the UK Companies Act, 2006, governing the ...More Button

The Government considered that provisions in the forthcoming Companies Bill, which will consolidate and give a statutory footing to the duties of directors, meet the objectives of the first recom...More Button

Companies Law Issues

Was asked: further to Parliamentary Question No. 139 of 17 October 2012, if his attention has been drawn to the fact that the company in question (details supplied) has been reinstated with the Companies Regi...More Button

Rural Social Scheme Data

Was asked: the timescale for the proposed focused policy assessment of the rural social scheme; the proposed methodology of the review; if it is intended to ascertain the views of sponsors, supervisors or par...More Button

As part of the range of expenditure reforms introduced over the past year, Focused Policy Assessments (FPAs) have been introduced as a new format for conducting short, streamlined evaluations of pa...More Button

As set out in the recent Expenditure Report 2013, a range of FPAs are currently underway within my Department, and one of these relates to the Rural Social Scheme. This FPA is being carried out ...More Button

This particular FPA is examining a number of core policy evaluation criteria, namely the rationale underpinning the Scheme, the continuing relevance of the objectives of the Scheme, and to a less...More Button

Public Sector Reform Review

Was asked: if he will provide a comprehensive list of the shared services initiatives delivered by his Department since it was set up and the corresponding monetary savings to the Exchequer associated with ea...More Button

The shared services programme is making good progress on actions and timelines committed to in the Public Service Reform Plan, and key developments include the following:

- A S...More Button

Was asked: following his announcement in September 2012 of his intention to set up a new national procurement office within his Department, the date by which this new office will be fully operational; the tar...More Button

The Government’s Public Service Reform Plan sets out a comprehensive and ambitious programme of reform for the Public Service, including a range of commitments to deliver greater value for money in...More Button

Oireachtas Members' Expenses

Was asked: following his Budget 2013 announcements if he will confirm if both the travel and accommodation allowance and the public representation allowance will now be fully vouched; and the date on which th...More Button

I announced the following changes to the Oireachtas expenses allowances regime in Budget 2013;

(i) to reduce the rates of the Travel and Accommodation (TAA) element of the allowance by 25%...More Button

Was asked: following his Budget 2013 announcements, if the reduction of 10% and more to the expenditure limits that comprise the parliamentary standard allowance will be applied to both the travel and accommo...More Button

I announced the following changes to the Oireachtas expenses allowances regime in Budget 2013;

(i) to reduce the rates of the Travel and Accommodation (TAA) element of the allowance by 25%...More Button

Was asked: following his Budget 2013 announcements, the date from which the 10% reduction to the party leaders allowance will come into effect.More Button

The 10% reduction will be applied to the rates of the Party Leader’s Allowance in parallel with the other changes announced to the Party Leaders Allowance in my address to Dáil Éireann on the Expen...More Button

Oireachtas Members' Remuneration

Was asked: when he intends to introduce the necessary legislation to abolish the severance payment to Ministers and other office holders paid to such persons when they cease to hold office; if he will confirm...More Button

My Department has commenced preparations on the changes to primary legislation necessary to effect changes to the Party leaders allowance and to abolish severance payments to Ministers and other Of...More Button

Was asked: if he will provide in tabular form the saving to the Exchequer if Senators annual basic salary was capped at €60,000, TDs at €75,000, and all Government salaries at €100,000.More Button

The estimated saving to the Exchequer should a cap of €60,000 be applied to the basic pay of all Senators, a cap of €75,000 applied to all TDs and a cap of €100,000 be applied to the salaries of Go...More Button

Ministerial Meetings

Was asked: the formations of the EU Councils of Ministers on which he sits; the number of meetings of that Council held from 9 March 2011 to date in 2012; the number of those meetings he attended; the number ...More Button

While my Department has overall responsibility for Cohesion policy, the issue is handled at the Council of Ministers by the General Affairs Council, which falls within the remit of the Tánaiste & M...More Button

Social Impact Bonds

Was asked: when he expects to receive the report from the steering group overseeing the development of social impact bonds and if his intention to publish this report; and if he will make a statement on the m...More Button

I am advised that the work of the steering group – which is carrying out an assessment of a number of opportunities identified by the Advisory Group on Social Impact Investing – is progressing.
More Button

Employment Rights Issues

Was asked: following his notification to each Department on 22 December 2011 requesting them to put a mechanism to monitor compliance with employment law, including REA’s to establish the number of public con...More Button

The notification referred to by the Deputy relates specifically to public operations that have been outsourced. In this regard, the Public Service Agreement 2010 – 2014 established a mechanism to m...More Button

The Circular requires contracting authorities to notify NERA of contracts awarded where they relate to operations that are the subject of outsourcing, A dedicated email address (notification@empl...More Button

In relation to the general issue of employment law and its enforcement, these are matters for my colleague Mr Richard Bruton, Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation and the National Employm...More Button

Public Procurement Contracts Expenditure

Was asked: his plans to undertake a review of the Government form of construction contracts; when this review will take place; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

The public works contracts were introduced in February 2007 as part of the Construction Procurement Reform Initiative the objectives of which are to achieve greater cost certainty, better value for...More Button

At the time of their introduction an undertaking was given to review their performance at an appropriate stage. Consideration was given to a review in 2010 but at the time it was agreed that ins...More Button

I am satisfied that sufficient projects have now reached agreed final account stage to conduct a review of the performance of the contracts and, as part of an initial engagement, we propose to in...More Button

Judicial Pay

Was asked: following the resignation of a convicted District Judge (details supplied), a Judge found guilty of attempting to deceive a client, if he will outline the salary that the Judge was in receipt of; t...More Button

Under Article 35.5 of the Constitution, a judge’s salary may not be reduced except in the specific circumstances approved in last year’s Referendum on Judges’ Pay. There is, therefore, no legal pr...More Button

A judge’s pension is calculated by the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform in accordance with the relevant legislative provisions and on receipt of an application through the serving Depa...More Button

Pensions in respect of District Judges are based on 1/40th of salary per year of service up to a maximum period of twenty years. A lump sum is calculated at 3/40ths of salary up to a maximum of ...More Button

Public Sector Staff Increment Payments

Was asked: the number of public servants who earn the amount in a salary range (details supplied); and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

I refer to my reply to Question Nos. 91, 93 and 94 of 19 September 2012.More Button

Flood Prevention Measures

Was asked: if a final decision has been reached in relation to establishing a compensation fund for uninsured businesses affected by the County Cork flooding in June 2012; and if he will make a statement on t...More Button

As the Deputy will be aware from the reply given to him by my colleague, the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government on this matter on 11 December (question no. 292), the Minis...More Button