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Higgins, Joe

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Business of Dáil (Continued)

Can we have a written copy of that please? It is a different version from what we were given at the door and there is a lot in it.More Button

We need to circulate it now.More Button

This was what was at the door for Deputies coming into the Chamber. I assumed this was the Government's programme. It is not what the Chief Whip read out.More Button

I understood the arrangements for the motion of confidence. Then the other business for the day was gone through very quickly and it is important we know what is being proposed.More Button

Correct, and then the-----More Button

The Report Stage of the-----More Button

It would have been helpful if all that had been in the paper we were given.More Button

I oppose this proposal on two grounds. First, the debate should be tomorrow evening after tens of thousands of people have come onto the streets of Dublin to demand the abolition of water charges....More Button

My second objection - I have a proposal in this regard - is that we need much more time for this particular debate. In the time allocated, it is impossible to unravel the totality of the posturi...More Button

All weekend, for example, on platforms provided by her embedded friends in the media, the Tánaiste was working herself up into quite a state of fury about €280 million that was supposedly to be p...More Button

Then we realised that this was the pair who for four years have shovelled billions of euro of little people's money into the maws of vulture capitalists, parasites and hyenas in the financial marke...More Button

That is absolute mendacity.More Button

That is only one issue that we need to expose here. The second issue that is of critical current importance is the policy concerning water charges.More Button

The conservation crusade has disappeared and has turned into a save our political skins crusade.More Button

We need an explanation as to the Government's change of policy on this. I am not talking about the housing crisis or hospitals.More Button

Yes. I am drawing my remarks to a conclusion. I am explaining why we need far more time. I propose that the debate be extended to six hours as opposed to the three hours the Government is propos...More Button

Yes, I move amendment No. 1:

    That the debate be extended to six hours as opposed to the three hours the Government is proposing.
More Button

Yes IndicatorVoted Yes More Button

No IndicatorVoted No More Button

Confidence in Taoiseach and Government: Motion (Continued)

After four years.More Button

The Tánaiste is over time in every sense.More Button

No IndicatorVoted No More Button

Economic Management Council Meetings

Asked the Taoiseach: when the last Economic Management Council took place.More Button

Economic Management Council Meetings (Continued)

Will the Taoiseach explain how the Economic Management Council relates to the full Cabinet? Are there any written formulations in regard to what powers the Cabinet has given the council and whethe...More Button

The Taoiseach referred to the two hapless Fianna Fáil Ministers who apparently did not know that secret discussions were going on behind the scenes in 2010 to bring the troika - the representativ...More Button

Since she was appointed to that role, has the Tánaiste confided in the Taoiseach whether she is still experiencing the angst she previously referred to with regard to the working of the Economic ...More Button

I am a little reluctant to start talking about water charges, but I will say that the Taoiseach should have listened to the people on this issue. He should have gone the whole hog, because his c...More Button

The Taoiseach and his Fianna Fáil colleagues have a neck to portray themselves as water conservationists. Since Fine Gael went into Government in 1994, some 500,000 new homes have been built. I...More Button

I hope the Taoiseach has taken note of these points and will come back to me on them one by one.More Button

In the context of Jean-Claude Trichet, did the Taoiseach revert to the Cabinet before announcing in the Dáil that the bondholders would not be burned?More Button

Order of Business (Continued)

Questions to the Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht have to be taken tonight. In fairness to all those who are responsible, Topical Issue Matters and Private Members' business have to b...More Button

However, allocating one hour for the Committee Stage of the Water Services Bill-----More Button

-----at midnight and going on until possibly 1 o'clock or after is completely unnecessary.More Button

There is provision for a Friday sitting to finish the Water Services Bill. I say to the Taoiseach to put that hour to Thursday and Friday. Otherwise, he will have Deputies going home to their fam...More Button

Some of the same Members must be back in here at 9.30 a.m. for committees and for questions. We are talking about making the Dáil more family-friendly, etc. That is a simple issue to resolve.More Button

That is his legacy.More Button

The Taoiseach is in charge.More Button

It is Report Stage. It can be completed on Thursday and Friday.More Button

A Cheann Comhairle-----More Button

Water Services Bill 2014: Second Stage (Resumed) (Continued)

No IndicatorVoted No More Button

Water Services Bill 2014: Committee Stage

This amendment is part of the general noxious legislation the Minister is pushing through tonight. On that basis alone, it should be opposed.More Button

Water Services Bill 2014: Committee Stage (Continued)

Leading the charge.More Button

It may be. The Deputy is absolutely right.More Button

The fact that the Dáil is sitting after midnight, in the early morning of 10 December, to debate for one hour amendments to the Water Services Bill that could easily be debated in time allocated on...More Button

The Minister is a young and mightily ambitious man in a mighty hurry, but young men in a hurry should make haste slowly. I can tell him now what his legacy will be if he persists along this road...More Button

It is quite incredible that the Deputies in the Labour Party and Fine Gael, who obviously wanted no debate at this ludicrous hour of the night and having heard the very rational proposal on how t...More Button

I support the amendments before us while wholly opposing the legislation. The idea that a buffer or blocks to the privatisation of Irish Water is included in the legislation is nothing short of ...More Button

With regard to the privatisation issue, Deputy Naughten should note that not all of us made a mistake in regard to Telecom Éireann and Eircom. I was a member of this Dáil at the time in question...More Button

I am about to. The Minister brought us here at this hour of the night so we will exercise our prerogative to the best of our ability in the time allotted.More Button

Should a plebiscite be held, it should not be confined to the citizens of this State, as proposed in the legislation. My colleague, Deputy Ruth Coppinger, will move amendment No. 7. Why should ...More Button

I hope Members of the Government parties who occasionally stand up and claim to have such a mantle of democracy support this extension of democratic rights to the residents and taxpayers of the cou...More Button

Insolvency Payments Scheme Payments

Asked the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation: the recourse available for persons (details supplied) to have their successful claim for unpaid wages against their former employer enforced; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button