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Fleming, Sean

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Confidence in Taoiseach and Government: Motion (Continued)

The motion before us here today states: “That Dáil Éireann reaffirms its confidence in the Taoiseach and in the Government.” The Taoiseach should enjoy his victory today when he wins this vote but...More Button

The people are cross because the Taoiseach promised a democratic revolution. He had, as Minister after Minister has said, the biggest majority in the history of the State but he squandered it. ...More Button

People expected honesty and openness as the hallmark of this Government but not even the Cabinet is in the loop for some major decisions of the Economic Management Council. We have seen on some ...More Button

The Government has been in office for four years. For the first three years of that time the troika held its hand. It has been on its own for one year and what a year that has been. It has bee...More Button

In the past year, the Taoiseach has been forced to sack the Minister for Justice and Equality, the Garda Commissioner, the confidential recipient and many other people. He has been forced to sack ...More Button

The medical card fiasco has continued in the past year. The probity review that was announced 14 months ago as part of the October 2013 budget has caused havoc in the health cards system. We ha...More Button

The Government established the new Department of Children and Youth Affairs and held a referendum on children's rights. It blew that referendum. It has yet to be enacted because of the actions ...More Button

I met a lady in Mountrath this morning before I came to the House for this debate. She told me she will scream if she hears once more that Ireland is out of recession. The Government has been s...More Button

The Government also established the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform and gave it the simple job of drawing up accurate budgets and expenditure plans.More Button

In 2012, after the establishment of the new Department, we had the biggest overrun in Government expenditure since the foundation of the State. That was exceeded last week when Supplementary Estim...More Button

Irish Water, which is a Fine Gael brainchild, was established during the course of this year. The Government promised to abolish quangos, but it did the exact opposite. We now have the biggest ...More Button

The Government promised in its Budget Statement two months ago that it would provide €2.6 billion for social housing over the next three years. Much of that is to be off balance sheet. We will ...More Button

Over the past two months, the Government has followed its mantra of tax cuts for the wealthy and off balance sheet solutions. The people of Ireland will not buy that. The Government made too ma...More Button

This is a divisive and regressive Government. Every budget it has introduced has been socially and economically regressive. The burden of the adjustment in each of its budgets has been more hea...More Button

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Water Services Bill 2014: Second Stage (Resumed) (Continued)

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Social Welfare Appeals

Asked the Tánaiste and Minister for Social Protection: if she will make arrangements whereby the Social Welfare Appeals Office will deal with appeals regarding the recovery of overpayments especially where the member of the public is not satisfied that...More Button

Insolvency Payments Scheme Eligibility

Asked the Tánaiste and Minister for Social Protection: to set out her views on making arrangements to allow payments of wages due under the Payment of Wages Act 1991 to be paid from the Social Insurance Fund in a similar manner to the statutory redunda...More Button

Family Income Supplement Payments

Asked the Tánaiste and Minister for Social Protection: if a person who is claiming family income supplement where their circumstances have changed substantially may make changes to their claim within the 12 month period; and if she will make a statemen...More Button

Insolvency Payments Scheme Payments

Asked the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation: his views on introducing a mechanism whereby persons due money under the Payment of Wages Act 1991 and the payment is not forthcoming from the former employer, payments due under this act can be pa...More Button

Agriculture Schemes Eligibility

Asked the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine: if farmers with grazing rights on lands where the fee simple of the lands in question is owned by the National Parks and Wildlife Services under an 1987 order are entitled to a single farm payment ...More Button

Medicinal Products Availability

Asked the Minister for Health: the reason there is a shortage of Eltroxin, which is used to treat thyroid conditions; the steps the Health Service Executive is taking to resolve this problem; if the Health Service Executive is u...More Button

Asked the Minister for Health: if Eltroxin, a medication used to treat thyroid conditions, is subject to parallel exporting, that is being imported into Ireland and then re-exported to other EU states; the reasons this occurs; h...More Button

Student Universal Support Ireland Administration

Asked the Minister for Education and Skills: when a Student Universal Support Ireland grant application will be paid in respect of a person (details supplied) in County Laois in view of the fact that the person's last additional information w...More Button

Garda Vetting of Personnel

Asked the Minister for Education and Skills: the arrangements schools can put in place requesting Garda vetting for students who wish to complete their leaving certificate or FETAC levels 3, 4 and 5 in schools throughout the country in partic...More Button