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O'Reilly, Louise

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Ambulance Service

Asked the Minister for Health: if he accepts the capacity review of the National Ambulance Service and its recommendations; if he will create a specific stand-alone yearly budget to implement it; when he will implement the recom...More Button

I welcome the three newly appointed Members opposite and congratulate them and wish them well in their new roles. My question was specific and referred to the creation of a stand-alone budget. In...More Button

Ambulance Service (Continued)

The Minister and I may not agree on everything but we do agree there is a lot to be done with our ambulance services. Is there a plan and ring-fenced funding? Intending to do something is not the...More Button

The Minister will be aware that the media are reporting that a woman who made a 999 call waited for 84 minutes for an ambulance to come to her in Cavan, which resulted in very serious outcomes. ...More Button

To be honest with the Minister, I was looking for something a little more specific than the answer he was prepared to give me. I understand a significant increase in the number of personnel will b...More Button

No one has a lack of confidence in the personnel in the National Ambulance Service. Everybody knows they do a fantastic job but we will need to see specific targets and figures. Unless and unti...More Button

It will cost money. We need to know.More Button

Health Services Staff Recruitment

Asked the Minister for Health: the status of recruitment processes for all grades, groups and categories in the Health Service Executive; if there have been budgetary impediments to the recruitment processes in specific areas; i...More Button

Let me be equally clear - activity levels in the health service are increasing but staffing levels are not matching them. The Minister can deny that there is a pause in recruitment, but I have in ...More Button

Given that activity is increasing, even returning to the staff levels that applied before they were decimated will not cut it. The Minister referred to the Garda Commissioner. As he will be aware...More Button

Hospital Services

Some €18 million was spent last year on the winter initiative. Can the Minister advise if the same amount is being set aside for this year, or will it be more? We are 65 beds short of the target ...More Button

The Minister said it is the intention to undertake a bed capacity review and that is very welcome. When will that start and finish and who will conduct it? Does the Minister have any plans or m...More Button

Hospital Services (Continued)

We need to know who will conduct the review. I welcome the Minister's statement that it will encompass all beds because there is a serious need for that to be examined. The Minister may already b...More Button

Mental Health Policy

It is in the programme for Government that a wellness class will be added to the junior certificate cycle. That is to be welcomed. I share the Minister of State's views on the need to address iss...More Button

It does not sound like much of a priority if the Minister of State cannot even give us a date. It should be a priority and one that is accompanied by identifiable targets, dates, times, etc. We w...More Button

To go back to my earlier question on the junior certificate cycle, is there agreement? We all know that there are issues around the junior certificate cycle with the people who are delivering it...More Button

Health Services Funding

The National Treatment Purchase Fund is simply code for privatising a problem. We do not support that. We support investment in our public health service. There is €50 million of continued inves...More Button

Health Services Funding (Continued)

In terms of what the money is spent on, exactly how many episodes of care did this cover for the year?More Button

Not privatisation.More Button

There needs to be investment in front-line services.More Button

That is the question I was asking.More Button

Mental Health Services Report

The vision of A Vision for Change was never realised, although it was Government policy for five years under Fianna Fáil and further five years under Fine Gael. If the Minister of State talks to a...More Button

We do not need another report, we need to have concrete action in terms of how mental health services are going to be protected into the future. In particular, we need to refer to the fact staff...More Button

Is it intended that mental health service users, their advocates, workers in the service and people with a material interest in the findings of this will have an opportunity to have an input into i...More Button

Perhaps the Minister of State misunderstood my question. I asked if these people would have an opportunity to have an input into it, not simply to read the report when it is completed.More Button

Departmental Management Structures

Asked the Minister for Health: why policy issues in respect of abortions as well as oversight of the Protection of Life during Pregnancy Act are subsumed into the tobacco and alcohol control unit of his Department; and if he wil...More Button

Nursing Staff

Asked the Minister for Health: the status of the task force on staffing and skill mix for nursing; the status of the pilot of the framework for safe nurse staffing and skill mix in general and specialist medical and surgical car...More Button

General Register Office

Asked the Minister for Social Protection: his views on a matter (details supplied) regarding a birth certificate; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button