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Ellis, Dessie

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Business of Dáil (Continued)

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Confidence in Taoiseach and Government: Motion (Continued)

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Water Services Bill 2014: Second Stage (Resumed) (Continued)

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Local Authority Housing Rents

Over the past three years, there has been much austerity coming from the Government. This has made life harder for struggling people on low and middle incomes. Some of the lowest paid and most vu...More Button

In the case of local authority homes, rent is controlled and it is much less likely that a tenant will lose his home. This is welcome, but the Government needs to strike a balance by having rent...More Button

Next summer a new rent scheme will come into place that will set base levels and thresholds for rent, in addition to bands. These may not change much, but there are some projections indicating t...More Button

I wish to ask the Minister about voluntary housing bodies and their rent levels. We recently saw the obscene set of circumstances in which a property that the State helped to develop was left id...More Button

Councils and approved bodies must continue to allow people to rent at a fair and affordable price. Will the Minister commit to not changing the rent scheme in any way that would result in higher...More Button

Local Authority Housing Rents (Continued)

I agree that the practice in local authorities varies. That needs to be sorted out because it has been a hindrance and certainly has not been fair. I am totally in agreement with the Minister on ...More Button

I am worried that in some ways this may cost a bit more. I mentioned the senior citizens and those who made financial contributions. Many of them made considerable contributions and ended up pa...More Button

There has also been a situation where differential rents, which has been used by Dublin City Council, have put the rents up so high. If a tenant's income increases, his or her rent goes as high,...More Button

I note the Minister plans to re-introduce the tenant-purchase scheme. We should also include in it that the proceeds of the scheme should be ringfenced for social housing. In the past, it ended...More Button

I have reservations about this scheme. We need to look much more carefully at some of the band levels the Minister has set and discussed. He is setting them a little lower and that will cause s...More Button

Palestine: Motion [Private Members] (Continued)

It is a great honour to speak on this important motion. As an Irish republican I am always mindful that we as a nation once stood before the world and demanded the recognition that had up until th...More Button

That is what the Palestinians want and is what the motion is about. The news that the Government will not stand in its way is exciting. We are returning the favour of that recognition granted b...More Button

Some would paint support for the cause of the Palestinian people to have a homeland as an attack on the people of Israel, but it is not black and white. The absence of a Palestinian state is in ...More Button

The state of Palestine is legitimate. The cause of the Palestinian people and the Israeli people to live in their homeland as equals, free from violence and bigotry, is legitimate. However, as ...More Button

Supporting the motion will not change all these things, but it is an important sign to the people of the Middle East that there is hope that Palestine will one day soon be free and the conflict w...More Button

It is also a very important step in reclaiming our dignity on the issue. Up to now the Government had seemed increasingly unwilling to be a voice for peace and justice in Palestine and Gaza in p...More Button

We then failed to support the call for Israel to sign up to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty that Ireland had championed. This was pure weakness. We utterly failed to be the strong voice fo...More Button