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McDonald, Mary Lou

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Budget Statement 2013 (Continued)

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Here we go again. This is the sixth successive austerity budget, the sixth time that Ministers have announced a vicious attack on the living standards of low and middle income people and their fam...More Button

It is deeply insulting to the wellbeing, not to mention the intelligence, of citizens to parrot the rhetoric of fairness constantly while delivering policies that devastate their standard of livi...More Button

Despite the media hype and the supposed haggling at Cabinet, it turns out that, once again, Fine Gael has it largely its own way. Inequality on Fine Gael's watch comes as no surprise. It does n...More Button

Today, the surrender of the Labour Party to this agenda is final and complete. The party of James Connolly is now led by the nose, following a course that brings devastation to low and middle in...More Button

Labour has surely hit rock bottom when the only comfort that its Minister for Social Protection, Deputy Burton, can offer to pensioners who cannot afford the new tax on the family home is that th...More Button

How gross is that? Just like Fianna Fáil before it, the Government runs a twin-track strategy of austerity, cutbacks and charges on workers alongside a craven appeasement of bondholders, bankers a...More Button

Let us be clear; none of that is lost on the general public. The budget is very bad news for everyone who counts the cent at the end of each week, who are put to the pin of their collar just to ...More Button

The decision to set aside the PRSI exemption is truly disgraceful. It will mean a reduction of €261 per annum regardless of income. That will be the cut, regardless of income, whether one is on...More Button

The Government is to reduce the social protection spend by €452 million. The pretence by Government that it has protected welfare payments is downright dishonest. It is a lie. The Government i...More Button

The Labour Party and the Fine Gael Party claimed that they would protect social welfare. We see today that they have done nothing of the sort. The treatment of children in the budget is shockin...More Button

Perhaps Members of this House do not understand what the child benefit payment is used for. Let me acquaint them with reality. It pays for such things as electricity bills. It buys a warm wint...More Button

The Government has failed the first real test of its commitment to children and their welfare since the referendum. In direct contrast, the Government treats those on high incomes and those who ...More Button

Our country is in crisis with nearly 15% of the working population on the live register. The working class is hurting. The middle class - middle Ireland – is hurting too. Families who never th...More Button

The Government’s “I’m alright Jack” attitude is perhaps most clear in its failure today to deal with politicians’ pay or to deal conclusively with allowances. The Government has tinkered around ...More Button

It is a cruel irony that the Minister for Social Protection, Deputy Joan Burton, pays her special adviser €127,000 per annum. Fancy that. The Minister for welfare cutbacks awards her adviser €127...More Button

I can see in my mind’s eye the Economic Management Council, a very grandiose title. I can see the Taoiseach, the Tánaiste and the Ministers for financial misery - four men in a huddle - reassuri...More Button

It is a pity they did not consider how others - citizens, families, mothers and women - will make it through these times. So enamoured of themselves are they that they still pay themselves way ove...More Button

The health service is under unbearable strain; it is just not working. The Minister, Deputy James Reilly, is not up to the job of management or reform. Under his watch 870 hospital beds have cl...More Button

We know also that last year's budget was a work of fiction. It is ironic that the very Department that requires a supplementary budget of €360 million, is now to be cut by €1.1 billion in a full...More Button

The increase in prescription fees and the cut in the drug refund scheme will add to the distress of patients of all ages but in particular it will add to the distress of parents with sick children.More Button

The Minister gives no credible detail in his budget in terms of the savings he proposes from generic medicines or private income from beds in public hospitals. We do not have the detail on this ...More Button

The Minister has targeted education again. Once again he will ask third level students for an additional €250. I do not know if the Minister sees the contradiction between his stated position f...More Button

It is less than three weeks to Christmas and families have scrimped and saved to provide for the holiday period. People do not have very much now, but they still have pride in themselves and in ...More Button

The need to take tough decisions is a constant refrain of this Government but tough for who? It confuses hard decisions with bad decisions. It looks for soft options and soft targets. The spec...More Button

Has the Taoiseach had the tough talk with Angela Merkel or the lads from the troika? Has he told them that we cannot and should not be expected to pay the debts of others? He has not. He disgu...More Button

If the Taoiseach is unable to secure a deal on the debt burden, on the promissory note, and if he is incapable of deficit reduction that does not crush low and middle income families then he is n...More Button

This Government is now 20 months in office and this is its second budget. There is nowhere for it to hide. It chose the well-worn path of the Fianna Fáil gang that went before it. Fianna Fáil ...More Button

Financial Resolution No. 2: Tobacco Products Tax (Continued)

What about Deputy Shortall?More Button

Financial Resolution No. 5: Excise (Continued)

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Financial Resolution No. 6: Income Tax

Am I right in saying that this provision applies not just to redundancy payments, but also in the event of retirement? I agree with Deputy Fleming that there is, if not a universal view, certainly...More Button

Why is the figure set at €200,000, which seems very high? While I agree with ending the top-slicing practice, why pitch it so high? The Tánaiste, according to himself, is all about fairness and...More Button

It would be remiss of me not to mention other lump sum payments, including public sector pensions which are funded from the public purse. A new pension regime has been introduced for new entrant...More Button