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McGrath, Michael

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
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School Completion Programme

Asked the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs: her plans regarding the school completion programme; and if she will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Leaders' Questions

The manner in which the Government is seeking to ram the property tax Bill through the House today is ridiculous and unnecessary. Some 88 amendments have been tabled, none by the Minister for Fina...More Button

The Government has no mandate to introduce this property tax. In last year's general election, the Taoiseach and his party campaigned vigorously against the introduction of any annual recurring ...More Button

In the Minister for Finance's Second Stage speech on the Bill last week, he acknowledged for the first time that the Government had the discretion to use alternative measures to achieve the troik...More Button

When the full effect of this tax hits, it will push many low and middle income families over the financial cliff. They will not be able to pay. Some 180,000 family home mortgages are in trouble...More Button

Will the Taoiseach at least honour one of the commitments made in the programme for Government by not guillotining debate on this property tax legislation, which cannot in any way be described as...More Button

Leaders' Questions (Continued)

In his Budget Statement the Minister for Finance said that the Irish financial crisis could be summarised in the word "debt", consisting of both national debt and personal debt. For families who c...More Button

The Taoiseach has not answered a fundamental question. What is the need to rush this legislation through the House, given that it will not come into effect until July next year? The Bill raises...More Button

Fine Gael gave an undertaking before the election not to introduce a property tax.More Button

That is not what the Taoiseach said in the election last year.More Button

Order of Business (Continued)

Stick to the Bill.More Button

What about the people at home?More Button

Finance (Local Property Tax) Bill 2012: Committee Stage (Continued)

I understand and I thank the Leas-Cheann Comhairle for giving me the opportunity to speak to section 1. Sometimes I despair about how we conduct our business in the House.More Button

I do not believe there is an organisation anywhere in the country that would make a decision of any importance in the way we are making this decision. This is an historic Bill and probably one of ...More Button

The Minister will not hear any bombast form me. I will make a few points and I want us to get down to the detail of the Bill. I remind the Minister as other Deputies have done that he does not ha...More Button

At the heart of it, the flaw is that the Government is not taking into account in any way the ability to pay. It is not taking into account the respective value of the mortgage attached to the p...More Button

I lament the way in which we are dealing with this Bill. I hope we can get down to some business but if the Minister had any sense, he would put it back to the new year. When the Taoiseach was ...More Button

That is why we are having Second Stage again.More Button

This is Deputy Bannon's Bill and he cannot disown it.More Button

My memory is fine.More Button

Deputy Bannon has a very short memory. Does he want to see what he proposed last year? I suggest he reads it. That is how he got the votes in Longford-Westmeath. He lied to the people. He shou...More Button

Deputy Bannon should not talk about it.More Button

Deputy Bannon should stop waffling.More Button

There it is. I will give Deputy Bannon a copy.More Button

Is this relevant to section 1?More Button

I would say Deputy Bannon's logo will be fairly small on the next occasion. One would need binoculars to see it.More Button

Is that what Deputy Bannon has to say to the people who must pay their tax?More Button

Is that how Deputy Bannon will defend it?More Button

A hot-air balloon.More Button

We will exempt Deputy Reilly's house.More Button

One should put down an amendment.More Button

It said to go back to council houses.More Button

Jackie Healy-Rae got plenty of tar.More Button

Hear, hear.More Button

It might tax Santa Claus.More Button

A farce.More Button

Finance (Local Property Tax) Bill 2012: Committee Stage (Resumed) and Remaining Stages (Continued)

PRSI.More Button

Why did the Minister not tell people he was going to do this?More Button

It is not linked to capacity to pay.More Button

The Minister did.More Button

The Minister just called it something else.More Button

Have been reneged upon.More Button

The Minister does not want to hear it.More Button

Irrespective of one's mortgage. That is the point.More Button

Amendment No. 4 deals with negative equity, stamp duty and necessary adaptations to cater for people with disabilities and so forth. We tabled separate amendments, which will clearly not be reache...More Button

The first issue is negative equity. Many speakers on this side of the House have spoken well and eloquently on the matter. There is a generation of people who are broken and destroyed. The Min...More Button

The consequences for them are quite severe. First, they will lose the mortgage interest relief they enjoyed as an owner-occupier of the property. If they were fortunate enough to have a tracker...More Button

These are the people who are in negative equity. The Minister is a wily politician and has much experience. In the last general election campaign he identified a market, targeted the people who...More Button

What annoys me is that the Minister is proposing exemptions in the Bill for people who buy property now or in the next number of years. These are people who will buy at what might be the bottom ...More Button

On the stamp duty issue, the average amount of stamp duty paid on the purchase of a house was approximately €20,000. The Thornhill report examined this and did not recommend that the Minister ta...More Button

Earlier, the Minister outlined his definition of fairness. He said everybody should pay something. There is merit in that argument, but the problem with the way the Minister has structured this...More Button

I have no problem with the third issue relating to adaptations which was outlined by Deputy Doherty.More Button

Banking Sector Regulation

Asked the Minister for Finance: if he will provide details of the Central Bank of Ireland powers to suspend a person from acting as director of an insurance company; the possible duration of such a suspension; the circumstances u...More Button

Universal Social Charge Payments

Asked the Minister for Finance: if a person (details supplied) in County Mayo will be affected by the change to the universal social charge for persons over 70 years.More Button

Maternity Benefit Issues

Asked the Minister for Education and Skills: if he will provide the background to the maternity leave in lieu arrangements for teachers that he is proposing to abolish in 2013; the number of teachers that will be affected in a calendar year; ...More Button

Companies Law Issues

Asked the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform: further to Parliamentary Question No. 139 of 17 October 2012, if his attention has been drawn to the fact that the company in question (details supplied) has been reinstated with the Companies Regi...More Button

Carer's Allowance Applications

Asked the Minister for Social Protection: the position regarding a carer's allowance request for review of a decision in respect of a person (details supplied) in County Cork.More Button

Haulage Industry Regulation

Asked the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport: in the context of the road haulage operator licensing system, if there is a list of approved persons or bodies that will provide a road worthiness for a tractor in order to meet the road haulage li...More Button