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Kehoe, Paul

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Defence Forces

I can confirm that the Defence Forces will participate in the 7th CISM World Games in Wuhan, China and that the number of athletes being sent CISM World Games is thirty two. These t...More Button

Defence Forces Training

I propose to take Questions Nos. 135 and 137 together.More Button

I am advised that while the swimming pool in the Defence Forces Training Centre, Curragh Camp is primarily for Defence Forces related activity and training, my Department positively engages with ...More Button

I am further advised that as the swimming pool in the Defence Forces Training Centre, Curragh Camp is a relatively modern facility, which was completed and first taken into use in July 2001, ther...More Button

Defence Forces Personnel

In the case of the swimming pool in the Curragh Camp, my Department currently employs two civilian lifeguards in order to facilitate the use of the pool outside of Defence Forces' requirements. The...More Button

Recruitment of Civilian Employees in military installations is an ongoing process and vacancies are identified and filled on a priority basis.More Button

Question No. 137 answered with Question No. 135.More Button

Naval Service Vessels

My priority as Minister with Responsibility for Defence is to ensure that the operational capability of the Army, Air Corps and Naval Service is maintained to the greatest extent possible. This is ...More Button

In this context the principal aim over the period of the White Paper is to replace and upgrade, as required, existing capabilities in order to retain a flexible response for a wide range of opera...More Button

The White Paper underpins the ongoing replacement of the Naval Service fleet. A significant investment over recent years has been on the procurement of new Off-Shore Patrol Vessels (OPVs) for the...More Button

Despite the recent acquisitions to the Naval Service fleet, three ships in the current flotilla are over 30 years old (LÉ Eithne and LÉ Ciara were built in 1984 and LÉ Orla was built in 1985). T...More Button

Future Naval Service capabilities are being planned as part of the White Paper project planning process which will determine the Defence Organisation’s maritime capability requirements. More Button

Defence Forces Remuneration

It is estimated that the cost of restoring Defence Forces allowances (excluding Military Service Allowance) to pre-FEMPI levels could cost in the region of €7 million. This figure is based on estim...More Button

The Public Service Pay Commission (PSPC) is an independent body established to advise Government in relation to public service pay. The Commission has presented a report on Recruitment & Retention ...More Button

Defence Forces Pensions

The occupational pension scheme terms of post-1 January 2013 new entrants to the public service, including the Permanent Defence Force (PDF), are governed by the Public Service Pensions (Single Sch...More Button

Defence Forces Recruitment

The Department does not maintain costings for increasing the strength of the PDF to those outlined by the Deputy. This would require detailed consideration of the capability requirements underpinni...More Button

There are currently no plans to conduct a recruitment campaign for dentists and nurses for the Defence Forces medical corps in 2019.More Button

I am informed by the military authorities that a recruitment competition for the Defence Forces School of Music in 2018 resulted in 20 personnel being recruited, which brought the School to full st...More Button

Departmental Projects

Live studies, reviews and research undertaken or commissioned by the Taoiseach as Minister for Defence and myself as Minister with Responsibility for Defence are set out in the following table sett...More Button

Departmental Reports

In accordance with the provisions of the Public Service Management Act 1997, the current Department of Defence and Defence Forces Strategy Statement, covering the period 2017–2020, was approved by ...More Button

Defence Forces Medical Services

As outlined in my previous reply to PQ 25904/19, to which the Deputy refers, former members of the Permanent Defence Forces have access to the range of supports available to all citizens of the Sta...More Button

I can confirm that all Defence Forces pre-hospital emergency care practitioners (i.e. EMTs, paramedics and advanced paramedics) are subject to PHECC certification and are fully compliant.More Button

Defence Forces Data

The Army Pensions Acts 1923-1980 provide for the grant of pensions and gratuities to former members of the Permanent Defence Force (PDF) in respect of permanent disablement due to a wound or injury...More Button

The award of a disability pension or of a disablement gratuity is considered under Section 13(2) of the Army Pensions Act 1923 (as amended) in situations where civil action compensation is receiv...More Button

Not all claimants whose personal injuries claims are finalised by the State Claims Agency on my behalf are eligible for consideration for an award under the Army Pensions Acts. However, where th...More Button

In advance of consideration by the Minister under Section 13(2), the person or his/her solicitor is advised of the statutory provisions and of the potential implications for his/her application. ...More Button

Defence Forces Reserve

The re-organisation of the Army Reserve (AR) and Naval Service Reserve (NSR) was implemented in 2013. The AR and NSR has an establishment of 4,069 personnel. The military authorities have provided ...More Button

Defence Forces Expenditure

The budget for the Reserve Defence Forces (RDF) has been maintained for a number of years at a constant €2.150m of which some €2.068m (96%) is dedicated to paid training.    &nb...More Button

Civil Defence

Civil Defence is a volunteer based organisation of approximately 3,500 volunteers who give generously of their time and expertise for their community and in support of the Principal Response Agenci...More Button

As outlined in the  2015 White Paper on Defence, Civil Defence policy is set down by the Minister for Defence through the Civil Defence Branch of my Department. The Department also  provides up t...More Button

The White Paper also recognises the important role of Local Government in the management of Civil Defence. The Civil Defence Officer who is an employee of the Local Authority is responsible for t...More Button

When Civil Defence’s current PHECC operating licence was up for renewal in November 2018, my officials reviewed the current Statutory Declaration which must be signed by organisations who wish to...More Button

Since January 2019, my officials have been working closely with senior officials in both PHECC and Local Authorities in order to find a satisfactory solution to this issue, while conscious of the...More Button

Following recent engagement between officials from my Department and from the County and City Management Association, it has been agreed that Local Authorities will provide some of the assurances...More Button

I can assure you, I am committed to ensuring the excellent service Civil Defence volunteers provide in terms of emergency medical services continues beyond the 30 July 2019. My officials continue...More Button

Schools Building Projects Status

Asked the Minister for Education and Skills: the status of a project (details supplied).More Button