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Clinton, Mark A.

Thursday, 29 September 1966

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 224 Nbr. 3

Committee on Finance. - Vote 27—Local Government (Resumed).

Like most Deputies, my main interest in local government is in housing and town planning and, of course, inseparably linked with those are sanitary services. In introducing his Estimate the Minist...More Button

More than once in his statement the Minister referred to the restoration of confidence. I should like to ask why was confidence lost, and why have we this deplorable overcrowding which still exis...More Button

Secondly, for five years after 1957 the Government did practically nothing in housing. At the end of that five years, building by local authorities had dropped to at least one-quarter of what it h...More Button

There are other reasons. In Dublin city, we know that due to the demolition of dangerous buildings and to obsolescence, 10,000 to 12,000 rooms were lost. There has been a great slowing down in th...More Button

I went out again recently and saw some of the completed flats and houses. I have seen flats in quite a number of European countries and I have seen flats in England. I will give it as my impressi...More Button

There is one thing I should like to say about it. It was a scheme that should not have been embarked upon unless we knew in advance that there was further work for the factory that was set up ther...More Button

There are so many problems, and so many that I am aware of in relation to housing that I do not know where to start but the great problem is insufficient money. That is the biggest problem confron...More Button

Less than a year ago, we were told that there was no money available from any source and that our housing drive was completely held up in County Dublin. At that time I personally made an approach ...More Button

The Minister said that he looked at the various local authorities housing needs and in the case of County Dublin he became alarmed and decided to allocate an additional £170,000. It should ...More Button

Recently we got an additional amount which will enable us to spend. I have calculated, about £500 on each house in a number of schemes. The money provided is thinly spread out. Personally, I...More Button

I do not want to give the impression that I do not like to see any local authority doing well. I do, and good luck to them when they did get that amount, but it does not make sense; it does not s...More Button

The Minister spoke at some length about the cost of houses and he has spoken before about keeping this cost down. He has been speaking about it for some years but I think, with all due respect to ...More Button

There is an inference in the Minister's speech that the local authority houses now being built are too good and too big. I cannot understand that, and the deplorable overcrowding I see in most of ...More Button

The Minister says he is doing everything possible to meet the housing emergency that exists in County Dublin and throughout the country. In spite of that, the effects of overcrowding are forcing u...More Button

He has spoken about the introduction of new planning legislation. All of us regard the new planning legislation as disappointing in the extreme. Even if it comes into operation tomorrow, it will...More Button

There is an upper limit of £1,600 on a serviced house and of £1,100 on an unserviced house. We all know it is not possible to build a house today for less than £2,300. In fact t...More Button

The Department should lay down standards and having done so, should say to the local authorities: “What are your housing needs?” Having said that, the Department should require local authorities to...More Button

The first problem, after that of money, is the provision of sites. In County Dublin, we have reached the deplorable position in this respect that there is no money now to buy new sites. In fact t...More Button

We are now practically being told to sell sites we have acquired. We are required to find money from our own resources and from the sale of land. That was the effect of some of the communications ...More Button

We had difficulty in getting one excellent site of 27 acres. We arranged the price with the auctioneer, an agreed price, but we are still awaiting sanction from the Department. I raised this matt...More Button

It is a serious situation when local authorities are being discouraged from buying sites for future building. It is evident that the whole building drive will topple next year. The same applies t...More Button

These applicants have been written to and told that if the money is available next year, they will be accommodated. They have entered into commitments with contractors, have paid deposits and now c...More Button

I have never heard more criticism than I have heard in the past two years in relation to town planning and, in particular, planning appeals. I would say that the whole business of town planning an...More Button

There were only a few regions where there was a serious need for town planning and we had only sufficient qualified people to administer town planning in a limited part of the country. However, be...More Button

There are so many applications coming in for town planning permission that the local authorities are not able to cope with them. Somebody said here today they were acting irresponsibly and that th...More Button

I know this is a very responsible job for any officer in a local authority and I know the scope that is there to make or break individuals or companies. It is one of the considerations which shoul...More Button

I shall give a case in point. We have a plan for County Dublin and there are certain areas there which have one house to three acres. These are, for various reasons, exclusive areas. People have ...More Button

We had a case here recently in regard to a big scheme out in Rathfarnham. Originally it was a condition of planning permission that 11 acres must be left as open space. The building goes on for so...More Button

This comes back to the Dublin County Council and we have to consider the position. It was the minimum space that it was reasonable to allow in the circumstances. We are now confronted with the d...More Button

The most glaring example of which I am aware in Dublin County Council is that of the petrol companies. Of the 16 petrol stations on the Naas Road within a short distance, 11 were turned down by Du...More Button

On the other hand, I have the case of a man who bought two sites one after another over a period of years. He was refused permission. The petrol companies bought them and, on appeal to the Ministe...More Button

In any case, the man made a submission to Dublin County Council and it was allowed. First of all, they said the Minister would raise an objection. I went to the Minister for Transport and Power an...More Button

A great deal has been said about road safety and the making of roads. I listened to two Fianna Fáil Deputies talking about responsibility for main arteries and saying that there should be a ...More Button

I listened to Deputy Booth speaking of the position in Dún Laoghaire in relation to housing. The Deputy feels that the reason for the fact that there is a shortage of houses in Dún ...More Button

I will revert now to the question of planning. Recently there was a planning conference in Dublin. The British magazine Building, commented on planning here. It is no harm to record here ...More Button

A British magazine, Building, commenting on the Dublin conference of the Royal Institute of British Architects in a leading article, says that nothing more useful came out of it than the hig...More Button

This is what they think of planning here.More Button

The Government deserve congratulation on setting up An Foras Forbartha, the National Building Agency of Ireland, and the National Building Advisory Council “but earns no marks for losing control,” ...More Button

The National Building Advisory Council have been in existence for a long time and I would be anxious to know what advice they would have given during that period because the Minister did not elabor...More Button

One of the factors that will effect house prices very considerably is the new wholesale tax. The Minister may say that that has been lifted. That tax has been remitted in the case of certain buil...More Button

There is another factor that raises the cost of houses. There is a certain amount of blackmail on the part of the ESB in relation to housing estates in Dublin. The service may be close by to wher...More Button

Applications for SDA loans are now down to a trickle. Whereas they were coming in in the order of 70 to 100 a month in Dublin County Council last year, they are down to ten and 11 and building wi...More Button

Progress reported; Committee to sit again.More Button

Ceisteanna — Questions Oral Answers. - Potez Aerospace.

asked the Minister for Industry and Commerce if in view of the anxiety of the staff in Potez Aerospace concerning their future employment he will make a statement on the up-to-date position of this...More Button

From the information at the Minister's disposal, does he see any prospect of this firm ever turning out planes and selling them? Is he not aware that it has been in existence for a long time and t...More Button

It has been inappropriate for too long.More Button

Vote 27—Local Government (Resumed).

Before progress was reported, I was expressing concern about the future of the building industry in the coming year because of the shortage of capital and credit to keep the industry going. I gave...More Button

I have also indicated that the building societies have closed down until January and I wonder what is to become of the 75,000 people normally employed in the building industry if there is no prope...More Button

I want to leave that and move on to the Minister's contribution on housing of the aged. I was glad to see that he recommends very strongly that in any group of houses being built, certain provisio...More Button

The Minister expressed his disappointment that more progress is not being made in the provision of camping sites for itinerants. Everybody will agree that that performance has been disappointing b...More Button

It is no good saying that we have the evidence of other countries. That may be so, but other countries present a very different set of circumstances and have a different type of itinerant. We have...More Button

Another thing which operates against the settlement of the problem, certainly in Dublin, is the fact that so many of the settled population are in such a deplorable housing condition themselves. I...More Button

I want to refer now to this proposal to increase the rents of local authority tenants. I am totally opposed to it. Over the years these people should have been given an opportunity of purchasing t...More Button

I know there are instances where a lot of money has been spent on the repairs. The objection is that repairs are becoming more expensive and the money must come from somewhere. It is true repairs ...More Button

I want to say a word on unfinished estates. All over the Dublin suburban area, there is this difficulty about unfinished estates. We have about 34 of them in the county alone. There is a motion ...More Button

I have for long advocated a speed limit for the whole country. I know there is no complete answer to the question of road accidents, but it is about time we considered a maximum speed limit of 60 ...More Button

Pollution is something that has come into the picture in recent times because of fish disease and the loss of fish in various rivers. I do not know how this is to be overcome. But if we are to al...More Button

I spoke about the difficulties many people have in relation to financing house purchase and in finding themselves in a position to get into a house. It is a well known fact that this maximum loan ...More Button

The cost of housing has increased enormously because we have not a large enough area of land serviced and there is enormous competition for the small amount of land available for building developme...More Button

I have always felt, too, that local government should play a more active and co-operative part in the establishment of industry. A certain amount of money should be provided by local authorities e...More Button

Generally speaking, there is great need for reform in local government. We have been carrying on under the present system for far too long and nobody has ever taken a serious look at it. One of t...More Button