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Broughan, Thomas P.

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Homeless Persons Data

Asked the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government: the average length of time families are being kept in family hubs before being accommodated in housing; the number of exits from family hubs in each year; the reason for the exits, for example, hou...More Button

Ceisteanna ar Reachtaíocht a Gealladh - Questions on Promised Legislation

Can I contribute on the same topic?More Button

Ceisteanna ar Reachtaíocht a Gealladh - Questions on Promised Legislation (Continued)

I ask the Taoiseach about Dr. Johnny Connolly's report, Building Community Resilience. The reality is that the Taoiseach is neither tough on crime nor tough on the causes of crime. In terms of th...More Button

You have lost control of the district.More Button

Pre-European Council Meeting: Statements (Continued)

A central item on the agenda for tomorrow and Friday is the next multi-annual financial framework, MFF, for 2021 to 2027, which was published in May. This next budget for the European Union comes ...More Button

As the Minister of State knows, Ireland's net contributions to the European budget have been steadily increasing and we have been a net contributor for the past six years. We must be careful tha...More Button

A few weeks ago, the Minister of State forecast that our budget contributions would rise to just under €3 billion in 2020, €3.2 billion until 2022 and up to approximately €3.5 billion by 2023. O...More Button

More important than keeping a close eye on the overall budget for the Taoiseach and our Ministers is the necessity to make changes and amendments to the fiscal rules in the Stability and Growth P...More Button

We also have the European Fiscal Board's assessment of the fiscal rules, which were discussed at the September meeting of ECOFIN. The Taoiseach and the Minister for Finance should be clearly art...More Button

We earlier learned that members of the eurozone were being asked to devise a budget for the eurozone, which will also have a major impact. That was to be a part of the overall MFF and there is t...More Button

The other element on the financial side of the Council agenda is technical work on strengthening the banking union. It must be said, as Ms Christine Lagarde takes over as President of the Europe...More Button

The ECB is not accountable directly to the Council but it is accountable to the European Parliament and to this House. It is an area the Taoiseach should be raising. He should be asking for a mor...More Button

Housing Assistance Payment Applications

Asked the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government: the waiting times for processing of HAP applications by each local authority; the additional resources he will release to ensure that waiting times are reduced down to one to two weeks; and if he w...More Button

Student Grant Scheme Eligibility

Asked the Minister for Education and Skills: his views on the restrictions experienced by Irish citizens who do not meet the residency time limits criteria with regard to the lower tier of third level registration and tuition fees; his plans ...More Button