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Business of Dáil (Continued)

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 861 No. 1

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Amendment put:

The Dáil divided: Tá, 44; Níl, 72.

Information on Adams, Gerry.   Zoom on Adams, Gerry.   Adams, Gerry. Information on Bannon, James.   Zoom on Bannon, James.   Bannon, James.
Information on Boyd Barrett, Richard.   Zoom on Boyd Barrett, Richard.   Boyd Barrett, Richard. Information on Barry, Tom.   Zoom on Barry, Tom.   Barry, Tom.
Information on Calleary, Dara.   Zoom on Calleary, Dara.   Calleary, Dara. Information on Breen, Pat.   Zoom on Breen, Pat.   Breen, Pat.
Information on Collins, Joan.   Zoom on Collins, Joan.   Collins, Joan. Information on Bruton, Richard.   Zoom on Bruton, Richard.   Bruton, Richard.
Information on Colreavy, Michael.   Zoom on Colreavy, Michael.   Colreavy, Michael. Information on Burton, Joan.   Zoom on Burton, Joan.   Burton, Joan.
Information on Coppinger, Ruth.   Zoom on Coppinger, Ruth.   Coppinger, Ruth. Information on Butler, Ray.   Zoom on Butler, Ray.   Butler, Ray.
Information on Creighton, Lucinda.   Zoom on Creighton, Lucinda.   Creighton, Lucinda. Information on Buttimer, Jerry.   Zoom on Buttimer, Jerry.   Buttimer, Jerry.
Information on Doherty, Pearse.   Zoom on Doherty, Pearse.   Doherty, Pearse. Information on Byrne, Catherine.   Zoom on Byrne, Catherine.   Byrne, Catherine.
Information on Donnelly, Stephen S.   Zoom on Donnelly, Stephen S.   Donnelly, Stephen S. Information on Byrne, Eric.   Zoom on Byrne, Eric.   Byrne, Eric.
Information on Dooley, Timmy.   Zoom on Dooley, Timmy.   Dooley, Timmy. Information on Cannon, Ciarán.   Zoom on Cannon, Ciarán.   Cannon, Ciarán.
Information on Ellis, Dessie.   Zoom on Ellis, Dessie.   Ellis, Dessie. Information on Carey, Joe.   Zoom on Carey, Joe.   Carey, Joe.
Information on Ferris, Martin.   Zoom on Ferris, Martin.   Ferris, Martin. Information on Conaghan, Michael.   Zoom on Conaghan, Michael.   Conaghan, Michael.
Information on Fitzmaurice, Michael.   Zoom on Fitzmaurice, Michael.   Fitzmaurice, Michael. Information on Connaughton, Paul J.   Zoom on Connaughton, Paul J.   Connaughton, Paul J.
Information on Flanagan, Terence.   Zoom on Flanagan, Terence.   Flanagan, Terence. Information on Conway, Ciara.   Zoom on Conway, Ciara.   Conway, Ciara.
Information on Grealish, Noel.   Zoom on Grealish, Noel.   Grealish, Noel. Information on Corcoran Kennedy, Marcella.   Zoom on Corcoran Kennedy, Marcella.   Corcoran Kennedy, Marcella.
Information on Halligan, John.   Zoom on Halligan, John.   Halligan, John. Information on Costello, Joe.   Zoom on Costello, Joe.   Costello, Joe.
Information on Healy, Seamus.   Zoom on Healy, Seamus.   Healy, Seamus. Information on Coveney, Simon.   Zoom on Coveney, Simon.   Coveney, Simon.
Information on Higgins, Joe.   Zoom on Higgins, Joe.   Higgins, Joe. Information on Creed, Michael.   Zoom on Creed, Michael.   Creed, Michael.
Information on Kelleher, Billy.   Zoom on Kelleher, Billy.   Kelleher, Billy. Information on Deenihan, Jimmy.   Zoom on Deenihan, Jimmy.   Deenihan, Jimmy.
Information on Kirk, Seamus.   Zoom on Kirk, Seamus.   Kirk, Seamus. Information on Deering, Pat.   Zoom on Deering, Pat.   Deering, Pat.
Information on Kitt, Michael P.   Zoom on Kitt, Michael P.   Kitt, Michael P. Information on Doherty, Regina.   Zoom on Doherty, Regina.   Doherty, Regina.
Information on McDonald, Mary Lou.   Zoom on McDonald, Mary Lou.   McDonald, Mary Lou. Information on Donohoe, Paschal.   Zoom on Donohoe, Paschal.   Donohoe, Paschal.
Information on McGrath, Finian.   Zoom on McGrath, Finian.   McGrath, Finian. Information on Dowds, Robert.   Zoom on Dowds, Robert.   Dowds, Robert.
Information on McGrath, Michael.   Zoom on McGrath, Michael.   McGrath, Michael. Information on Doyle, Andrew.   Zoom on Doyle, Andrew.   Doyle, Andrew.
Information on McGuinness, John.   Zoom on McGuinness, John.   McGuinness, John. Information on Durkan, Bernard J.   Zoom on Durkan, Bernard J.   Durkan, Bernard J.
Information on McLellan, Sandra.   Zoom on McLellan, Sandra.   McLellan, Sandra. Information on English, Damien.   Zoom on English, Damien.   English, Damien.
Information on Martin, Micheál.   Zoom on Martin, Micheál.   Martin, Micheál. Information on Farrell, Alan.   Zoom on Farrell, Alan.   Farrell, Alan.
Information on Moynihan, Michael.   Zoom on Moynihan, Michael.   Moynihan, Michael. Information on Feighan, Frank.   Zoom on Feighan, Frank.   Feighan, Frank.
Information on Murphy, Catherine.   Zoom on Murphy, Catherine.   Murphy, Catherine. Information on Fitzgerald, Frances.   Zoom on Fitzgerald, Frances.   Fitzgerald, Frances.
Information on Murphy, Paul.   Zoom on Murphy, Paul.   Murphy, Paul. Information on Fitzpatrick, Peter.   Zoom on Fitzpatrick, Peter.   Fitzpatrick, Peter.
Information on Naughten, Denis.   Zoom on Naughten, Denis.   Naughten, Denis. Information on Hannigan, Dominic.   Zoom on Hannigan, Dominic.   Hannigan, Dominic.
Information on Ó Caoláin, Caoimhghín.   Zoom on Ó Caoláin, Caoimhghín.   Ó Caoláin, Caoimhghín. Information on Harrington, Noel.   Zoom on Harrington, Noel.   Harrington, Noel.
Information on Ó Cuív, Éamon.   Zoom on Ó Cuív, Éamon.   Ó Cuív, Éamon. Information on Howlin, Brendan.   Zoom on Howlin, Brendan.   Howlin, Brendan.
Information on Ó Fearghaíl, Seán.   Zoom on Ó Fearghaíl, Seán.   Ó Fearghaíl, Seán. Information on Humphreys, Heather.   Zoom on Humphreys, Heather.   Humphreys, Heather.
Information on Ó Snodaigh, Aengus.   Zoom on Ó Snodaigh, Aengus.   Ó Snodaigh, Aengus. Information on Humphreys, Kevin.   Zoom on Humphreys, Kevin.   Humphreys, Kevin.
Information on O'Brien, Jonathan.   Zoom on O'Brien, Jonathan.   O'Brien, Jonathan. Information on Keating, Derek.   Zoom on Keating, Derek.   Keating, Derek.
Information on O'Dea, Willie.   Zoom on O'Dea, Willie.   O'Dea, Willie. Information on Kehoe, Paul.   Zoom on Kehoe, Paul.   Kehoe, Paul.
Information on Pringle, Thomas.   Zoom on Pringle, Thomas.   Pringle, Thomas. Information on Kenny, Seán.   Zoom on Kenny, Seán.   Kenny, Seán.
Information on Ross, Shane.   Zoom on Ross, Shane.   Ross, Shane. Information on Kyne, Seán.   Zoom on Kyne, Seán.   Kyne, Seán.
Information on Shortall, Róisín.   Zoom on Shortall, Róisín.   Shortall, Róisín. Information on Lynch, Ciarán.   Zoom on Lynch, Ciarán.   Lynch, Ciarán.
Information on Smith, Brendan.   Zoom on Smith, Brendan.   Smith, Brendan. Information on Lyons, John.   Zoom on Lyons, John.   Lyons, John.
Information on Stanley, Brian.   Zoom on Stanley, Brian.   Stanley, Brian. Information on McCarthy, Michael.   Zoom on McCarthy, Michael.   McCarthy, Michael.
Information on Tóibín, Peadar.   Zoom on Tóibín, Peadar.   Tóibín, Peadar. Information on McEntee, Helen.   Zoom on McEntee, Helen.   McEntee, Helen.
Information on Troy, Robert.   Zoom on Troy, Robert.   Troy, Robert. Information on McFadden, Gabrielle.   Zoom on McFadden, Gabrielle.   McFadden, Gabrielle.
  Information on McHugh, Joe.   Zoom on McHugh, Joe.   McHugh, Joe.
  Information on McNamara, Michael.   Zoom on McNamara, Michael.   McNamara, Michael.
  Information on Maloney, Eamonn.   Zoom on Maloney, Eamonn.   Maloney, Eamonn.
  Information on Mitchell, Olivia.   Zoom on Mitchell, Olivia.   Mitchell, Olivia.
  Information on Mulherin, Michelle.   Zoom on Mulherin, Michelle.   Mulherin, Michelle.
  Information on Murphy, Dara.   Zoom on Murphy, Dara.   Murphy, Dara.
  Information on Murphy, Eoghan.   Zoom on Murphy, Eoghan.   Murphy, Eoghan.
  Information on Nash, Gerald.   Zoom on Nash, Gerald.   Nash, Gerald.
  Information on Neville, Dan.   Zoom on Neville, Dan.   Neville, Dan.
  Information on Nolan, Derek.   Zoom on Nolan, Derek.   Nolan, Derek.
  Information on Ó Ríordáin, Aodhán.   Zoom on Ó Ríordáin, Aodhán.   Ó Ríordáin, Aodhán.
  Information on O'Donnell, Kieran.   Zoom on O'Donnell, Kieran.   O'Donnell, Kieran.
  Information on O'Dowd, Fergus.   Zoom on O'Dowd, Fergus.   O'Dowd, Fergus.
  Information on O'Mahony, John.   Zoom on O'Mahony, John.   O'Mahony, John.
  Information on O'Sullivan, Jan.   Zoom on O'Sullivan, Jan.   O'Sullivan, Jan.
  Information on Phelan, Ann.   Zoom on Phelan, Ann.   Phelan, Ann.
  Information on Phelan, John Paul.   Zoom on Phelan, John Paul.   Phelan, John Paul.
  Information on Quinn, Ruairí.   Zoom on Quinn, Ruairí.   Quinn, Ruairí.
  Information on Reilly, James.   Zoom on Reilly, James.   Reilly, James.
  Information on Ring, Michael.   Zoom on Ring, Michael.   Ring, Michael.
  Information on Ryan, Brendan.   Zoom on Ryan, Brendan.   Ryan, Brendan.
  Information on Shatter, Alan.   Zoom on Shatter, Alan.   Shatter, Alan.
  Information on Stagg, Emmet.   Zoom on Stagg, Emmet.   Stagg, Emmet.
  Information on Stanton, David.   Zoom on Stanton, David.   Stanton, David.
  Information on Tuffy, Joanna.   Zoom on Tuffy, Joanna.   Tuffy, Joanna.
  Information on Twomey, Liam.   Zoom on Twomey, Liam.   Twomey, Liam.
  Information on Varadkar, Leo.   Zoom on Varadkar, Leo.   Varadkar, Leo.
  Information on Wall, Jack.   Zoom on Wall, Jack.   Wall, Jack.

Tellers: Tá, Deputies Joe Higgins and Ruth Coppinger; Níl, Deputies Emmet Stagg and Paul Kehoe.

Amendment declared lost.

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